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Learn how to take care of your new shoes and make them last.

Leather Shoes

When you are cleaning your leather shoes, firstly you should remove any dirt and dust by brushing the leather with a horsehair brush. This prevents particles of dirt being rubbed against the delicate leather of the shoe during polishing and causing damage to the shoe.

Next, we recommend you apply a simple shoe cream that will nourish the leather and keep it supple.

Lastly, apply a wax polish with a cloth and allow to dry for 5 minutes or so. The shoe will probably look fairly dull at this stage so now you can use
a fine horsehair brush to buff the leather a little and bring back their shine.


Patent Shoes

Everyone wants the shine from the patent shoes to last forever, however after a few wears items can become a little marked and dirty. To keep your patent shoes from ageing too quickly the most important thing to do is regularly (once a month would be fine!) add a little oil to them.

Caster oil is great for reducing the natural creases that form on the patent leather.

Vegetable oil reduces the cracking that can often happen after you have worn your shoes for a while – just rub the oil in like you would do with regular polish.

Lemon juice is also fine to use when cleaning your patent leather shoes, just add a little to a soft cloth and rub in.

When it comes to cleaning your patent leather shoes, some luke warm water and a little soap will do the trick – soak a soft sponge in the liquid and gently wipe them.


Suede Shoes

Due to its texture, suede picks up dirt a lot quicker than normal leather. Because of this, regular care must be taken to ensure you keep your suede shoes looking better for longer.

We offer a number of suede shoe cleaners and creams, which you can view in the accessories section of the store.

Suede requires regular sealing to protect it from weathering and small spots. A sealer spay creates a barrier, repelling dirt and water. Applying a spray to your shoes is a great way to achieve this – make sure you hold the spray 30cm’s away when you are applying the sealer to void staining.

Stubborn stains on suede are best removed with a soft toothbrush and a suede cleaner. Soapy water can also work, although we do suggest purchasing
a proper suede cleaner. When brushing and wiping suede it is important to be gentle!

For regular maintenance, use a suede brush to remove any dirt and buff using the back (rubber) side of the brush if you have a stubborn mark.


Canvas Shoes

As well as being highly resistant, canvas shoes are also very comfortable. They don’t need any special cleaning on a day-to-day basis. To prevent stains and other marks from appearing, you can carry out easy, regular upkeep of your canvas shoes using a foam cleanser. You can also use soapy water and a clean sponge on your shoes, then rinse them with a damp cloth to remove light stains.

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